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Leighton Primary School

Week 5 18.5.20 - Geography


*** Update - We have now added the worksheets which go alongside the Whiterose home learning videos for those of you following this programme. We highly recommend you do use these resources to ensure your child keeps up to date with their maths skills.

You can find the videos here -

Hi Year 2!

This week we are focusing on Geography for your home learning tasks. As part of the curriculum, we need to learn about a contrasting non- European country. We have chosen ... Australia!

We hope you enjoy learning all about this beautiful country. This week, we would like you to look at where in the world Australia is, and to do some research about it's climate and the different climate zones around the world. We would like you to think about hot and cold climate zones and where these are in relation to the equator and the North and South poles. You might have a globe or world map at home that you could look at with your parents and carers. 

We would also like you to find out about deserts as a habitat, because a large area of Australia is made up of desert! What fun facts can you find out? We can't wait to see your home learning at the end of the week.

For our PSHE task this week, we would like you to think about how our lives are different and how people choose to live their lives differently. Being different is what makes us, us!

Spellings: Your spelling list for this week, contains words with the -less and -ly suffixes. Practise them as many times as you can and then ask a grown up or sibling to test you at the end of the week! Can you beat your score from last week? Let us know how you get on!

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Well done Year 2!