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Leighton Primary School

Week 7: beginning 1st June

This week we will be looking at local history: the History of Peterborough.


Activity 1 

Look through the powerpoint presentation below (How have Houses Changed Over Time Home Learning).  On the second last slide, there is a quiz.  The answers are on the last slide.

Then go on a walk around your local area.  Can you work out how old the houses are?  (If you live near Orton Longueville or Orton Waterville then try to go there, because there are Victorian and Tudor houses there.)   


Activity 2

Watch this Youtube video.  It tells the history of Peterborough. (The language can be difficult, but there are good pictures.  There is lots of detail, and it is an hour long, so you might want to break it into bits.)


Activity 3

Open the powerpoint presentation at the bottom of the page.  (The History of Peterborough powerpoint to finish)

Read through it and where there are empty boxes, can you add some information to finish off my powerpoint?  You may need to do a bit of research.  You don't have to do all the boxes.  When you have improved it, email it to