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Leighton Primary School

Week 7

Hi everyone.

This week we will be revising the digraph ck, and then learning the new sounds Jj and Vv *Show your child how to write the letters using the letter formation rhymes on the sheet attached . *Get your child to copy them in the air/on legs/on hands/floor/someone’s back and then have a go on paper. Try and practise writing them on a line . *Use the Jolly Phonics songs to help recognise and practise the new sounds this week .  *Then watch this Youtube clip for ck.  *Now click on this link and listen to a story called 'Duck in a truck'. See how many words you can hear with the ck sound at the end of words.  *Read the words together: duck, luck, truck, kick, rock, neck. *Have a go at writing this short caption: Bad luck duck!

Now we will move on to learning the sound j J. *Can you think of any names beginning with this letter? James , Jenny , Janet, Jane , Jamie, John and June. There are many. Can you think of any more? They all begin with a capital J as they are the beginning of someone's name. *Watch this short video on how to write the letter J and j  *Use phonic fingers to model sounding it out and segmenting for spelling. How many sounds in the word? *Can you write the words: jam, jog, jet, jug

Blending and Segmenting
*Have a go at writing these short captions.
Don't forget- capital letters , finger spaces and full stops .
*Begin writing captions: Jam in the jar. Jump in the jelly.
*Use the 'My J workbook' to practice what you have learnt.

Now we will learn Vv. our last sound for this week. *As before practice saying the sound by joining in with the Jolly Phonics songs. Jolly Phonics song:  *Use phonic fingers to model sounding it out and segmenting for spelling. How many sounds in the word? Vest, volt , vet *Watch : Mr Thorne does Vv  *Can we write the words: vet, van, vest. Remember to use sound buttons or a phoneme frame. *Have a go at reading together: The van went very fast . *Now practise and apply what you have learnt by looking or printing the My v workbook attached. Please like this observation so I know you have received it.

Thank you
Mrs T. Wells