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Leighton Primary School

Week 8: beginning 8th June


You may be coming to the end of your workbooks. If you haven't accessed the online White Rose Maths video lessons before, we would like you to start now. All of the previous Fractions worksheets are saved in a tab to your right. The accompanying videos will also be accessible on the link below. Please go back and look through the older lessons before you start this weeks. If you need any additional worksheets, please email and we can send some to you electronically. 


This weeks focus is Equivalent Fractions (Week 7). The link will take you to the video lessons.

The worksheets to match each lesson are attached below. There are separate documents with the answers on. 

(These are not the correct level for those children who would usually work with Mrs Reynolds or Ms Brodie in maths. Please continue to use the resources provided to you or email if you would like access to some similar online videos and I can send you the link). 

PSHE: Diversity and Communities 

Below you will find a 5 day plan with activities. It is important that you take the time to have some of these discussions with your child and enable them to understand more about their community.  

Most of these activities are conversation based with some focus on drawing, online research and writing. 

You will only need some plain paper, pencils and the Internet (if possible- not essential).  All other links and reading resources are within the document. Please email if you are have any questions or need further support. 



We would like you to get back into the habit of having weekly spelling tests. It has been a while since we have been able to do this in school so we would like to test your memory. Each week we will put an OLD set of spellings up for you to revise to ensure you still know how to spell these words and can recall the spelling rules.  Let us know your scores! 

For an additional challenge:

Learn the words from the group up and incorporate these words into your test. 

Group 4,  ensure you can accurately spell every word from each group and see how many you can apply in a piece of writing of your choice.  Miss Belton was able to use 15 words in two paragraphs, can you beat this?