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Leighton Primary School

Week 9: beginning 15th June


White Rose:  Focus- Fractions 

(Miss Belton & Mr Moore's Maths groups)

Please watch the video lessons and use the accompanying worksheets attached. Please see answer worksheets to mark your work after. 

Time:  (Everyone) 

In addition to your White Rose maths lessons, we would like you to become more confident telling the time. I have attached a knowledge organiser below which shows what you are expected to know and understand in Year 3. The first worksheet goes back over telling the time to the hour, half past and quarter past (Worksheet named Time 1). This is what you learnt in Year 2.

Once you are confident with that you can go on to telling the time to 5 minutes. Attached is a powerpoint (which also begins to introduce roman numerals) and some worksheets to complete.  The link below provides you with an on screen visual aid if you need this.  We will continue with different time activities next week.


If you have completed your English workbooks we would like you to have a go at the SPAG activity sheet provided. In order to continue revising the skills we have focused on in English this year, please have a go at the grammar mat. There are 3 levels to choose from,  1 star * being the easiest.  


At some point in the next week you will receive a Science Workbook for your next unit of work- Animals including humans. Before you begin this, it would be good to revise what you learnt in year 2 regarding food groups and how to take care of your body. Once you have read through the powerpoints, have a go at completing the exercise challenge and food diary to assess how well you look after yourself. 


Please see last week (wb 8.6.20) to explain how we would like you to challenge yourself further.  Your spellings to re-learn for this week are attached.