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Leighton Primary School

Week 9

Hello everyone . 😀
This is your home learning for phonics this week. 

👉These are the sounds we have learnt so far : s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r h b f l ss ff ll j v w x y

At the beginning of every session sing along and copy the actions of the sounds we have learnt so far. This youtube clip shows the Jolly Phonics songs sung in the order that they have been taught.🎤


Also at the beginning of every session send your child around the house to find 5 objects! For example, one from the kitchen, one from the bathroom, one from their bedroom etc to make it easier.🏠

🙇Can they tell you the name of the object and then the beginning sound?

e.g. s for soap, L for lego, c for cup, b for ball.

This Week we are learning  Z and the digraph ZZ. 
✈️Watch the aeroplane form the letters in the sky . click on each letter. 

⭐️Session 1 New phoneme Zz
Watch Mr Thorne does phonics . Z
👁Read the words with Mr Thorne .
Have a go at writing a lowercase z and a capital Z sitting on a line . ✍Write it on the back of your hand in the air or on your knee. Use our formation rhyme to help. you can find it on the attached poster.
Explain to your child that when we see 2 ZZ together it makes a longer sound in words. We usually see it at the end of words. 
✍Now have a go at writing the words : zip, zap, zoo,  buzz, fizz
👀During the week look out for things that begin with Z. (There aren't many!)

⭐️Session 2 Letter names
Now we are going to practise the letter names by singing the alphabet song. 🎤
click on the link and join in. 
✍You can now practise writing some of our capital letters. Remember they are not just bigger than the lower case , some look very different. 

⭐️Session 3  Tricky words
Use the tricky word mat found in their home learning pack.
Play a game: you say a tricky word and see who can find it the quickest on their tricky word mat. 🏆
🌟They are :I, go, no, to, into, the, he, we, be, me, my, she, was , they , you, her , are , all.🌟
Watch this short clip and encourage the children to join in. 
Phase 3 tricky words. 
Now have a go at writing the tricky words. 
Play quick write!
✍You say one word, the children write it. ✍
👉I, go, to, the, no, into , be she me we he👈

Well done everybody. I hope you are working hard on  your learning . 🌈
Please have a go at the attached activities either on the screen or print them out . 
Good luck, have fun 😀and please like👍 this observation on Tapestry so that I can see you have received it.