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Leighton Primary School

Week Eleven: Beginning Mon 29.6.20


Attached is a link to an advert. This week we would like you to write the ending to the story being portrayed in the advert. Watch only the first 44 seconds of the link below and look carefully at what is happening, who the characters are and what they may be feeling. From this think about what may happen next to the main character (the man in the crane) and decide how you think the problem may be resolved and how the story may end.

You may want to write the ending of the story or show it using a cartoon strip with clear speech bubbles.  Use your imagination!


Maths –  Statistics. There are 4 daily lessons!

We will be using resources from the White Rose scheme that is used as the basis for the maths teaching at Leighton.

Access the site using this link:

 Use the link provided- this gives access to view a short video that introduces each day’s lesson.

After watching the video, complete the worksheet for that day, or use your Home Learning book or just plain paper to record your answers. The worksheets, and a set of answers, are included as an attachment on this page if you want to use them as a visual resources or print.




Please find attached a range of outdoor art projects for you to enjoy in the sunshine. Don’t forget to send us some photos of your finished pieces.


You have now reached the end of your Science work on states of matter. Please find attached the end of topic quiz and the separate answer document so you can mark your test afterwards.