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Leighton Primary School

Week Ten : beginning 22nd June


-White Rose Online lessons (Miss Belton & Mr Moore's Math group only) 

This weeks focus is- Angles (shape- week9)

Please follow the link-

The worksheets and answers are attached below. 

-Time (all children) 

Following on from the time work last week, have a go at this weeks challenge. Can you tell the time to the nearest minute? If you need a little more practice before attempting this try the time revision work sheet first or continue to work on identifying on the hour, half past and quarter to/past. 


Please have a go at the short grammar activity mat. This a quick 10/15 minute activity.  1 star * is the easiest. 


Wouldn't we all love a few days at the beach? We might not be able to go on holiday or have exciting beach days with our families at the moment but you could try to pretend.  Have a go at the attached beach themed art projects. 


Please see attached for this week.