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Leighton Primary School

Week Thirteen: beginning 13th July

We can't believe this is the last full week of the school year!

It has been a very different year but we have still got lots of fantastic memories from our time together in Year 3.You continue to show us just how far you have come this year with all of your wonderful home learning work. 


Maths- White Rose 

Please access the daily lessons and complete the attached sheets.

Foundation Subjects 

This week you will be continuing with your R.E work. If you did not complete the lessons and activities from last week please go back and do so. 

Attached is also some more Art challenges. We know you really enjoy these and it is important you have a break from your English, Maths and Science workbooks too. Get outside and put your artist hats on!

There is also another set of Spellings for you to revise.