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Leighton Primary School

Week Twelve: Beginning Mon 06.07.20

Hopefully you should have all received your new English, Maths and Science workbooks, as well as new Reading books. Please continue to work through at least a page of these each day. 

We would also like you to continue watching the daily White Rose maths lessons. These will help to give you additional support and guidance on topics we haven't learnt in school. 

For your foundation work this week you will be focusing on, Geography and P.E.  Please see the lessons and activities provided. 

Maths- Angles.... 4 daily lessons.

Access the video lessons using-

The worksheets and answers to support each lesson are provided below. 

Geography- (Week 1)

Lesson 1: Brilliant Bridges. 

Using the Internet and/or the powerpoint provided, research and read about different types of bridges. Once you feel confident about these different types complete the Brilliant Bridges worksheet. 


Lesson 2: Bridges around the world

Using your new knowledge on different types of bridges research and read about famous bridges around the world (You can also use the powerpoint provided). Identify similarities and differences between them.  Following this, complete the booklet or create your own outlining information about famous bridges found in different countries. 


P.E- With Wimbledon sadly being cancelled this year, now is a great time to get some extra tennis practice in. Attached is a week plan of different tennis challenges you can try to improve your skills ready for next year!