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Leighton Primary School

Weekly Attendance of Classes

At Leighton we encourage good attendance as this is vital to children accessing a full education. Every week the classes in each Key Stage with the highest attendance win a special treat. At the ens of every month the classes with the highest attendance get a special lunch.

Attendance is measured Friday Morning to Thursday Afternoon. The Attendance winners are announced every Friday morning in assembly. You can look on this page to find out individual class attendance for each week. The winners will be updated on the 'latest news' section, this will also be sent to your mobile device if you have our school app.

14th September 2018

Jellyfish - 100%

Starfish -96.34%

Sea Urchin -98.00%

Sea Horse - 97.50%

Dolphin -98.62%

Sea Lion -93.21%

Lobster - 99.60%

Octopus -99.23%

Marlin 99.23%

Swordfish -96.77%

Manta Ray - 97.53%

Stingray -96.67%

Barracuda -96.91%

Shark -98.00%

Turtle -96.67%