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Leighton Primary School

Weekly Activities 20.4.20

We have seen on Tapestry that lots of children are spending time in their gardens or outdoor space and enjoying short walks close to their home as part of their daily exercise so this week we would like you to do some activities related to nature and art.  (If you are unable to go outside, there are online and indoor activities to do too.)

Activity 1: Watch, listen and learn about birds.

You could make bird food and put it into the gaps on a pine cone or into a plastic cup or even a coconut shell. Hang it up or put it where you can see it from a window, your child can view the birds who come to eat. There are some recipes below or you may have your own.

You could visit the RSPB website where you can choose to listen to bird songs and get some tips on bird watching.

To listen to the songs of different garden birds visit this part of the RSPB website.

There are facts about 5 common birds for young children on this part of the website. You can watch a short film of each one singing, feeding their babies and collecting nest materials.

On Wildlife Watch there are different spotting sheets with things you can look out for. If you can’t print the sheets, take photos of what you find and then look up what they are afterwards.

The garden bird, springtime flowers and nature spotting sheets are attached below.

Activity 2:  Go on a ‘My I-Spy Scavenger Hunt’ and look for things on the sheet attached below. If you are unable to print the sheet you could make a list of the things to find instead. If you are unable to go outside, you could make your own inside scavenger hunt, e.g. find something blue, longer than your thumb, made of wool, curved or bumpy.

If your child wants to look for insects, do a bug hunt; there is a sheet for this attached too.

You can look on this website for tips on bug hunting.

There is a cbeebies film about different insects

There is also a bug hunting competition with a category for 4-5 year olds.

Activity 3 Be an artist! Watch this short film about Andy Goldsworthy, an environmental artist, who uses natural objects to make pieces of art.

Use what you find and your imagination to create pictures or patterns using the objects you have collected from near your home or from your garden.  There is also a PowerPoint about Andy Goldsworthy if your child is interested and would like to learn more about him. It is attached below.

If you are working indoors, you could gather some items from your home to create art instead.

If you would rather draw or paint a garden bird, this would be a good art activity too. 

We hope your child has lots of fun finding out about nature and being creative with art. You may have your own activities on the themes of nature and art that you wish to do too.

Please remember to add photos/films and comments to Tapestry and send us any photos for the website using our email addresses. We would love to see what your child has been doing.