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Leighton Primary School

Weekly Activities 6.7.2020

This week we are continuing to focus our learning on the story ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr.  Watch the story being read here:


Activity 1:

Big cat animal fact file

Can you remember the big cats that we saw on the artist gallery last week?

Make a list here is just a few: Tiger, Lynx, Cheetah, Leopard, snow leopard, Jaguar, black leopard, serval, cougar, and ocelot.

Show your child pictures of these big cats. (word document attached)


Are there any other big cats that you know? Eg.Lion, Panther.

What do big cats look like?

Do they have Fur, feathers, or scales?

Can your child tell you any facts about big cats already?

Look again at the photos

Prompt your child to answer the following:

Is the fur all one colour or does it have patterns? Can you describe it?

Explore what else you know or can notice about big cats for instance they have large pointy ears, claws, a tail, sharp teeth.

However there will be things that we don’t know about them for instance; what do they eat?, where do they live, what do their babies look like? What’s their habitat like?

Choose a cat and search on google about them:

Look at the blank fact file sheet (attached) If possible print it twice. On your one model to your child how to write some facts on the fact file using the information from google. Encourage your child to be a writer like you and record their ideas using their phonics to help them. At this stage depending on your child’s development ideas may include real words or just attempts at sounds in words eg. tIgrs haf big teef.

Activity 2:                                                                                    

An invitation to your own teddy tea party   

With your child imagine you are going to hold a Tea party, perhaps they could set it up for their teddies or siblings. Use the invitation template (attached) to discuss and record Who the party is for, Where and when the party will be. 


Activity 3:

Recap the story of the Tiger Who Came to Tea. Play story. Encourage your child to join in with the text.

Can they begin to summarise what the story was about in a couple of short sentences? If not then you could do this to demonstrate for them.

Today we are going to focus on using our imagination     

I wonder which other animal could knock on the door and come to tea?

Play with different possibilities, ‘Sophie opened the door and there was a…

Describe the animal, choosing 2 or 3 adjectives, e.g. a brown, cheeky monkey.

Please may I come in and have tea with you? It said

How would this animal say the above, Try asking this question as the different animals which could include a few animal noises, e.g. hissing for a snake, cheeky voice for a monkey, bouncing voice for a kangaroo etc.

If your child is confident in making up stories and speaking in role as the different animal try encouraging them to create a story plan for the events in the story, they may want to write the story.  


Other Ideas:

Watch an interview with the author Judith Kerr

Go Jetters - India

There’s a tiger in the garden - story

How the tiger got his stripes – short film (8 mins)

Never tickle a tiger - story

Don’t wake up the tiger -story

Cosmic kids yoga – safari