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Leighton Primary School

Weekly Activities wb.8.6.2020

Eric Carle

This week we are focusing on the Children's author Eric Carle who has been creating his distinctive original art and stories for over 40 years. His illustrations are large, colourful collages made with hand-painted paper that he layers together. His work is now featured in The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

Activity 1: Can you create a Collage picture in the style of Eric Carle.

Look at the stories ‘The mixed up Chameleon’ or ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear’ to help you gather ideas

The Mixed-Up Chameleon -

Brown Bear, Brown Bear what can you see? -

Eric creates unusual characters even a blue horse!

What will your collage picture be of?

Activity 2: Ladybird problem activities   

Another lovely story is the Bad Tempered or Grouchy Ladybird. In this story a ladybird challenges another ladybird to a fight because she doesn't want to share her aphids. But before the fight begins, she decides the ladybird she challenged isn't big enough to be worth her time. She goes off and challenges all kind of animals to a fight, until she meets a blue whale. In this story we are introduced to the concept of time, sharing and size. Share the story together:

This week we would like you to explore some ladybird maths problems with your child. You could use a paper plate or template of a ladybird (attached) to explore counting spots:

Q: Is this total more or less?     Can we add the spots?     

   Can you take away spots?

Which wing has more / less?        How many more/less?            What is the difference?

 Is the number of spots an even number?     Or an odd number?   

Can you share the spots equally between the two wings?   

Explore doubles - what is double 3?


Activity 3: Changes              

Over the past few weeks we have been exploring changes around us. We have looked at lifecycles of plants and animals. Eric Carle explores many of these concepts in his stories one of my favourites is The Tiny Seed Can you talk about the places and things the seed sees on its journey. Perhaps you could grow some seeds and talk about the changes you can see? Or Maybe you have already planted some plants or vegetables.

This week we would like you to either write instructions of what you do to help something grow or keep a seed diary.  Can you measure how tall your plant is in cm? How many leaves does it have?


You could look at the story ‘The little Cloud’ by Eric Carle. This book is a lovely story about how the little cloud changes shape.  Maybe you could watch clouds in the sky, what do you see?

Try creating cloud pictures using cotton wool or torn pieces of paper – you could even drop them onto a larger piece of blue paper and look at how they fall,

Have they made any recognisable shapes?

Do they remind you of anything?

If your child is interested in this, you could track the changes in the weather by recording the daily weather and temperature on your own weather diary (attached).    

We hope you enjoy this week’s learning focus on Eric Carle, if you would like to know about other stories by him, visit this site which explores his Top Ten Books on a variety of topics: