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Leighton Primary School

World Book Day 

World Book day 2018 

World Book Day 2018 was Thursday 1st March. We did many reading activities in school to celebrate.  Please see details below:

Non –Uniform – We had a non-uniform day where children has the oppertunity to come dressed as their favourite book characters.

Book swap – Each Year group had thier own book swap. The children had the chance to bring in a book and swap it for another after a dicussion about the books with thier classmates. 

Free books – As well as the normal £1 off a book voucher, each child received a free book from school.

Parents in school  – Parents were invited into school in the afternoon to share reading actavities with thier children. 

Book Quiz Raffle - KS1 an KS2 children were given a book quiz to complete. All the children who completed it got a prize. The children who got full marks were entered into a raffle and the winners chose a book. 

ICT and World Book day - KS2- will watched  ‘Caught in the Web’ (newsround)  and discussed how to be safe on the internet. 

KS1- Shared the story ‘Digiduck and the Big Decision’.