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Leighton Primary School

Writing Resources and Ideas

The resources below will help to interest your child in writing activities at home. Most resources can be displayed on a screen and do not need printing. If you are not printing, please give your child lined paper or draw lines on paper for them. This will help your child to start on the top left of the page, and write left to right and top to bottom.

It is important to talk with your child about their ideas for writing before they start. This helps them choose which words they will write and helps them to practise saying sentences before writing them down. Sometimes a child may say different words or sentences out loud and then decide which one sounds the best before writing.

It doesn't matter what your child writes about. Your child might want to write about a funny picture or photograph,  a silly story you made up together, their favourite superhero or story character, their favourite food or something that has happened to them. Making ideas for writing interesting, fun and memorable will help your child to keep concentrating.