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Leighton Primary School

Writing on lines


I have seen lots of fantastic writing on Tapestry and some children are using the lines to write their letters in the correct place. Here is some guidance about positioning letters using the lines if you need it.

When you write in your work books or on lined paper, this is where the letters go.

These letters are short and sit on the line:

a c e i m n o r s u v w x z

These letters sit on the line but they are tall:

b d h k l t

These letters have part of them sitting on the line and part of them hanging down below the line. The f is different to all the other letters because it is tall and goes below the line.

f g j p q y

Please email me if you need help with writing or if you would like to send me photos of your writing. ( )  I would love to see them!  

Happy writing!

Mrs Bird