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Leighton Primary School

Year 1

Hello Sea Urchin and Sea Horse children,

We have welcomed some of our Year 1 children back to school this week and we have been so happy to see them. They have settled really well and got used to the new routines in the classroom. 

We have still been thinking about the children staying at home and can't wait to see you next week when we deliver your work packs and reading books  (week beginning 8th June). 

For the children staying at home we have been working really hard to make you a special pack of work which is similar to the work being done in class by the children at school. If you are staying at home we would like you to keep trying hard with your home learning. 

We would like you to;

Do some reading every day.

Complete some of your tasks from your new home learning tasks. There are english, maths, science and phonics activities to choose from. 

We won't be setting foundation tasks on the website anymore as you have lots of activities in your special workpack.

If you would like to do some extra maths there is a daily Maths lesson from White Rose. On the link below there is a daily Maths lesson. Each one involves a video lesson which lasts around 15-20 minutes, and a worksheet which can be downloaded and printed, or if you can't print, it can be done verbally on the screen.  It follows what the children would have been learning if they had been in school

Access some of the websites we have told you about (on the inside cover of your home learning book or see the useful links page) for about 15-30 minutes each day. There are some really fantastic new websites for you to access. 

The Oak Academy

The Government have launched a new website with lessons and resources for all year groups. This is a great website with daily lessons in all subjects.

BBC Bitesize

The BBC has also launched a website which includes daily lessons. You can access this at

Please ask your parents to email us with messages and photos of what you have been doing at home. We love to see what you have been doing at home. 

If you would like to contact the Year 1 team then please email us at

Take care,

Mrs Geldart, Miss Barrasso, Mrs Mole, Mrs Nelson, Mrs Wright and Mrs Rose