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Leighton Primary School

Year 3


Introduction to the Year 3 Curriculum home page.



In Year 3 at Leighton children learn to work with greater independence, building on the key skills taught in Key Stage 1. Learning is exciting, varied and hands-on whenever possible, and is based around a topic each term to broaden children’s knowledge of the wider world:

Autumn Term - Ancient Britain, from Stone Age to Iron Age.

Spring Term – Ancient Egypt

Summer Term – Peterborough: our city

Autumn Term 2019

The teacher for Lobster Class from September is Mr Moore.  The Octopus class teacher is Miss Belton.

In the Autumn term, our main topic will be Ancient Britain, from Stone Age to Iron Age. We will be learning how archaeologists find out about the past, including visits to Nene Park (to find out about life in the Stone Age), and our local Bronze Age archaeological site at Flag Fen, and will be exploring how early people lived.  We will be trying ancient techniques for painting, pottery, weaving, building and cooking.  Our science topics for the term are Rocks and Soils, and Forces and Magnets.  Our first author of the month is Roald Dahl, and we will start by reading The BFG.  Later on, we will be reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes, and basing a lot of our writing work on this story. Towards the end of the term we will be learning about different global climates so we understand where in the world is warm, cold, wet or dry. We will also be covering a wide range of skills in Music, R.E., computing, PSHE and P.E.  We start learning French in Year 3, and each Monday we have a visiting teacher coming in to teach the children to play the ukelele.

Spring term 2020

In Spring term our topic is Ancient Egypt. We are looking at what life was like in Ancient Egypt, and in particular what they believed would happen after death. We will visit the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge where to see one of the best collections of Egyptian artefacts in the world. We will be using our Design and Technology skills to make our own shadufs and Canopic Jars. We will be reading lots of Francesca Simon books, who is mostly famous for her Horrid Henry books. We will be using her books to help us to create our own stories, adding direct speech and humour to our work. We are studying Judaism in RE in the second half term and will visit a synagogue to help us to develop our understanding of their belief.  Our Science topics will be light and shadows, and growing plants. 

Summer term 2020

Our main topic will be PeterboroughWe will be learning how to read and make our own maps.  We will find out all about our city's history and about what makes people come to live here nowadays.  We will learn about the Geography of Britain, and will compare Peterborough to other contrasting locations.  In Science we will be completing our work about plants, and will then look at how our bodies move and grow, and how to keep them healthy.  In R.E. we will learn about how Sikhs live, and in Art we will be doing printing and collage.  In PSHE we will be learning about staying safe and managing risk, and about tolerance. Our focus authors will be Anthony Browne and Jeremy Strong.