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Leighton Primary School

Year 3

Here you can find out the curriculum expectations for Year 3 and learn about what they will be doing this term.

Spring term

This term our topic is Ancient Egypt. We are looking at what life was like and in particular what they believed would happen after death. We have visited the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge where we were lucky enough to be shown some extraordinary artefacts such as a sarcophagus and tomb lid. We will be using our Design and Technology skills to make our own shadufs and Canopic Jars. Our author of the half term is Francesca Simon who is mostly famous for her Horrid Henry books which the children have all expressed an interest in. We will be using her books to help us to create our own story writing style and experiment with new skills and adding humour to our work. We are studying Judaism in RE in the second half term and will be looking forward to visiting a synagogue to help us to develop our understanding of their belief.