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Leighton Primary School

Year 3 - Portugal

In D.T. Week, Year 3 adopted Portugal as our country. We tasted Caldo Verde soup and a range of other European soups, and then each person designed their own dream soup from a list of ingredients that are often used in Portuguese soups. Each group voted for their favourite soup recipe, and the following day, they made that soup.

Then as a class we made a model Portuguese village. We started by looking at videos and photos of real villages in Portugal, and identified what was different about the buildings and their settlements. Then each child made a design of how they would build a model house or other building.  Each child drew, measured and cut out a net of a cube or cuboid to form the basis of their building, and then added roofs or towers and decoration.  Finally, the children assembled the buildings to form a settlement based around a main square, just as Portuguese villages would be arranged.

We also prepared a dance and made our own Portuguese flags ready for our opening ceremony, and learnt a few Portuguese phrases.  The children worked really hard all week.  Most of the soups were delicious, and the model villages looked great!