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Leighton Primary School

Year 4

Here you can find out the curriculum expectations for Year 4 and learn about what they will be doing this term.

Summer term

Our whole school focus on the development of the teaching of reading will continue to concentrate on the development of children’s comprehension skills, particularly the author’s use of inference. Once again, we will run after-school learning clubs (by invitation) with the main focus on the development of reading and maths skills to complement in-class learning.
Many thanks to the parents who have been supporting their child’s reading with regular home sessions. We believe that regular reading to an adult at home makes a vital contribution to your child’s progress, and we will continue our class rewards programmes to encourage your child through this term.

This term also sees the annual year 4/5 production to parents. This year it is ‘Robin Hood’, with rehearsals now in full swing! We appreciate your support in helping your child to learn their lines and practise the songs!
Our summer term topic is ‘The seaside – then and now’. This will include a trip to the traditional seaside town of Wells in Norfolk to investigate the town, harbour and beach areas. This will form the basis of a range of written work including an information text and a seaside narrative set in Wells and using our learning about the town.
Other English work will be based on ‘Journey’ – picture-story fiction - recounts, and ‘Robin Hood’ – oral story-telling, character studies, recount and news reports
Science will introduce children to the concept of classifying living creatures and learning about ‘change of state’ for solids, liquids and gases.

Although there is no formal parents’ evening this term, we are always keen to discuss any concerns you may have. Please speak to us at the end of the day for a ‘quick chat’ at the classroom door or we can arrange to book an appointment if more time is required.