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Leighton Primary School

Year 5


Year 5 will continue their maths learning journey focussing on multiplication, division, fractions and decimals and percentages. Our aim is for the children to become fluent in all their areas of mathematical learning and to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills. We will continue to highlight the importance of times table knowledge and support the children to learn all their times tables and associated division facts.

We will begin our English work by looking at the classic poem 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. The children will be exploring events from the poem and looking at them from the point of view of different characters. We will then move on to writing a persuasive argument based on Victorian education. This will be closely linked to our Victorian Day at Stibbington, towards the end of January.  Our history focus is Victorian childhood, particularly comparing the life of the rich to the life of the poor.

Our Science focus for the term is forces. Children will be carrying out a series of practical experiments, culminating in presenting their findings in a scientific manner.  DT will be closely linked to science as the children will be designing and making cars. 

In R.E.  the focus is on Buddhism and in Art the children will be developing specific art skills, which they will then be able to apply to their work later on in the school year.