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Leighton Primary School

Year 5


Year 5 will be beginning their maths learning journey focussing on place value and exploring numbers up to one million. They will be furthering their rounding, comparing and number skills before moving on to addition and subtraction. 

The focus of our English work and other subjects will be based upon Anglo-Saxons. We will explore the infamous Beowulf tale with the children, then use this as inspiration for writing their own Anglo-Saxon story.   During History lessons children will become fully immersed into life in Anglo-Saxon times and an educational and enjoyable visit to West Stow will further enhance their learning. 

Our Science focus for the term is exploring materials and then moving onto separating mixtures. Children will be carrying out a series of practical experiments, culminating in presenting their findings in a scientific way. 
Towards the end of the term our RE focus will be Christianity.