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Leighton Primary School

Year 5

21st July

Hello Year 5s,

We just wanted to say how sorry we are that we didn't get to finish our year together. We are so proud of how you all have coped with the Home Learning situation. We have seen some fantastic work and been updated with the chats you have been happening when members of staff have been delivering workbooks etc.

We hope you have a wonderful Summer break and we look forward to popping up to say hello when you return in September as Year 6s.

Take care, stay safe and keep smiling!

Mrs Hilton, Mrs Christoudias, Mrs Pateman, Mrs Weetman and Mrs Smith  





6th July

Hello Year 5,

All tasks for this week are on the website. Hope you enjoy participating in these tasks. There will be more staff visiting you all this week exchanging reading books and delivering science booklets. We hope you are all safe and well. 

Take care

Year 5 Team


29th June

Good morning Year 5,

Well I must say, it was lovely to catch up with most of you last week. I really enjoyed seeing you all and finding out what you have been doing. I did pass this on to Mrs Christoudias and Mrs Hilton. 

This week's foundation and maths resources have been put on the website.

Take care and stay safe.

Year 5 Team


22nd June

Hello Year 5,

Another week has gone past and hopefully you are all staying safe and having fun completing your school tasks. This week is meant to be a really hot week, weather wise, so please remember the sun tan lotion!

The foundation tasks this week are in the folders ready for you to enjoy.

I will be out and about this week visiting year 5 with workbooks and exchanging reading books. Could you have your reading books ready to exchange.

Another reminder that you can send us your work via email and photographs as we would love to show your work on the photo gallery.

Hope to see you later in the week.

Mrs Pateman and the Year 5 team



15th June

Good morning Year 5!

 It was really lovely to catch up with some of you last week, for those I didn't see we hope you are well and staying safe!

This weeks foundation tasks have been added to the website and have fun completing them.

We have received lots of photographs of work produced by Year 5 and are very impressed by the level of work. Please keep sending them in as we love to see the fabulous work you are doing at home.

Have a good week.

Year 5 Team

12th June


Science workbooks will be delivered in the week beginning 22nd June.

8th June 

Hello Year 5,

The beginning of a new week and some new tasks for you all to enjoy.  A reminder that there are 2 tabs for you to complete each week. One being White rose maths and the other containing your foundation subjects.  Please remember to email us your work as we would all love to see how hard you have been working.

This week Mrs Pateman will be out delivering new workbooks and will be renewing school library books. Could you please have them close by if you would like them exchanging.  Mrs Pateman is looking forward to seeing you all.

Have a good week, stay safe  and we hope to see you all soon.

Year 5 Team


1st June - A new term!

Good morning year 5,

Today is the start of the last term this school year, and another one you will be home learning for now. We hope you all had a restful and relaxing half-term. We did and we all enjoyed the beautiful weather, spending as much time as possible outside.

This weeks tasks are on the tab to the right, we hope you enjoy them. Please do email any questions or tasks you have completed as we love to hear from you and see what you are up to.

Have a lovely week and we hope to see you soon!

The year 5 team 


26th May - Exciting news

Some of you may know that JK Rowling has a new book out for children to read. It does not involve Harry Potter or magic! The book is available to read, a couple of chapters a week, on the website  The chapters will be spread over seven weeks. There is also a competition, the prize being your pictures used to illustrate the book when it is published in November. Imagine millions of people seeing your work! All the rules of entry etc are on the website. I haven't read the chapters myself yet, so I can't tell you what the book is about. With your adult's permission, why not have a look and see what you think.

Mrs H



18th  May


Welcome to another week year 5! We hope you are keeping well and safe with your families. You should have received new reading books last week and an exercise book for you to complete any work from the tasks we set through the website, if you would like to use it. We really enjoyed seeing the children we did, it was lovely of you to come and say hello (from 2 meters apart!) and it cheered us all up.  The tasks for  this week are on the tab to the right - 18th May. Next week is half-term so we won't be setting any tasks for you then as we think you all deserve a break. But please do keep emailing us with your work, what you have been up to and any questions or concerns at



This week's White Rose Worksheets have been downloaded in the folder 'Week Beginning 11th May Tasks' for you to use. The answer sheets have also been uploaded. We will do this every week, as soon as the worksheets become available. White Rose are no longer allowing free parental access to these resources on their website.

11th May

Hello Year 5,

Hope you are all well and keeping safe. It's been great having feedback from lots of your adults about how well you are getting on with your workbooks and the other tasks on the website.  We've seen some fantastic VE day work, did you celebrate? In Mrs Hilton's road, most households had a tea party in their front garden. This meant they could still social distance from each other as they only stayed in their own gardens, but could celebrate together.

As usual your tasks for the week can be found on the tab to the right.

Please do email us if you have any questions or want to share anything with us, we love hearing from you.

Mrs Hilton, Mrs Christoudias, Mrs Pateman, Mrs Smith and Mrs Wheetman 

4th May

Hello Year 5!

We hope you are all keeping well, safe and busy! We are pleased to hear so many of you are enjoying the workbooks we have sent home and accessing the weekly tasks we have been setting on the Webisite for foundation subjects. If your adults haven't already emailed us, please remind them to as we love hearing what you are up to. If you have any questions or concerns please do email us at

In her spare time, Mrs Hilton has now finished her 1,000 piece puzzle. It must have taken a great deal of concentration. Can you tell from the photograph below what the puzzle is? Let's hope it's in a safe place now or she might have to start it all over again. Mrs Christoudias is trying to learn a new skill: keepy uppies. She has enlisted the help of her sons to teach her and her target is to reach 10 by Friday! 


Click on the tab to the right to find this weeks home learning tasks. As well as a Geography and Science task, we have also included some work about VE Day which is this coming Friday, 8th May. We are looking forward to your emails with examples of some of your work. 

Keep safe and Keep smiling,

The Year 5 Team 

29th April

FRENCH - Mrs Oliver and the Year 5 teachers hope that you will be able to continue with some French. These websites will help you:  

27th April

Hello Year 5,

We hope you have been enjoying the sunny weather, especially with your walks/exercise outside. Last week you should have received some work books from school, the adults from school enjoyed delivering them and being able to see some of you, albeit from at least 2 meters away! We hope you have enjoyed using them. Please don't feel you need to do pages and pages in one go,  a little each day is fine. Keep up with your reading and learning your times tables too. 

Click on the tab to the right for your Science, Geography and PSHE tasks for the week. We have loved receiving the emails with photographs of you working and examples of your work. We have shared these in our gallery, click on the tab to the right labelled year 5 Home Learning. Some examples are also displayed at the bottom of this page. 

If you would like more ideas to keep your mind busy and active, please look at the BBC Bitesize website ( with their daily lessons, or the Oak National Academy These have some great lessons with valuable follow on tasks. 

The grown ups still miss you. Mrs Hilton has had a busy week baking a cake for her daughter's 20th birthday and on Friday Mrs Christoudias pitched a tent her garden to 'go camping'. Her children made some delicious smores on the BBQ before bedtime.  The temperature dropped significantly so no one lasted very long in the tent; they crept back into the house at one o'clock in the morning and then slept very well! Mrs Smith has enjoyed spending time with her family; can you guess which game she is playing in the photograph below?

Don't forget if you would like to email us with any questions, work you have done or just want to let us know how you are doing please email us at  We love hearing from you!

Take care and keep smiling!

Mrs Hilton, Mrs Christoudias, Mrs Pateman, Mrs Weetman and Mrs Smith 





20th April  

Hello Year 5,

We hope you are keeping safe and well.  All the adults in year 5 are missing you a great deal and often wonder what you are up to. We are all keeping busy in our spare time. Mrs Hilton is trying to complete a very difficult 1,000 piece jigsaw. She had to ask Mr Hilton for help, as the sides were different lengths! She will post a picture when the jigsaw is completed! Mrs Christoudias is enjoying her daily exercise of walking her dog Max. Sometimes she goes by herself and really enjoys the peace and quiet,  sometimes she drags her three children out of the house, as although they all know exercise is good for them, they often don't want to go on a dog walk. Mrs Pateman is enjoying learning new drawing techniques ready to show you when we're back, and is doing plenty of knitting, we think she might have a whole new wardrobe soon! Mrs Weetman and Mrs Smith are keeping well and say hello!


This week we should be returning to school after the Easter holidays but it looks like we are having to wait a little longer. Over the next few days, adults from school will be delivering you some workbooks. Please work through these at your own pace, there is no expectation you need to finish these! If you need any help please email us at

Over the week we would also like you to have a go at the following tasks focussing on some of our foundation subjects: Geography, Science and PSHE. Please click on the link to the right with this weeks date on to find your three tasks. If you have any questions please email us and we can help you. Please remember you do not need to be replicating the school day, do what you can but please do not worry about it. Having fun with your family and looking after yourselves is very important too. Remember to try and read everyday and to keep practising those timetables.

Once you have finished any of your work please share it with us as we would love to see what you are up to. You can either email it to the year 5 address or take a photograph of it and email it to us. We will then share it on the website so keep your eyes peeled for your hard work for everyone to see.

Take care, have fun and keep in touch!

Mrs Hilton, Mrs Christoudias, Mrs Pateman, Mrs Weetman and Mrs Smith 

Here are some examples of some of the home learning children in Year 5 have been working on.